Speed Rating - All about safety

Stay safe! Tire speed rating indicates the maximum service speed for a tire. So, exceeding speed limits is not recommended by the tire manufacture. In addition, no indicator exists for how well the tire handles or corners.

This rating provides a maximum speed capability of the tire with proper inflation. Manufacturers do not recommend fitting tires with different ratings. Doing so could lead to poor handling and unpredictable steering. If a vehicle has tires with different ratings, then placing like pair tires on the same axle is ideal. Otherwise, the speed capability of the vehicle is determined to be that of the lowest speed rated tires.

Letters ranging from L to Z identify the speed rating. The lowest rating, L, is 75 mph. The highest rating, Z, is 149+ mph. For more speed limits, please refer to speed rating Chart below for more detail.

Please note that this is the speed rating chart example used for instructional purposes. Our goal is to help you understand this rating system. So, please refer to your tire's specifications.

Speed Rating V

Example shown in diagram:
149 mph, maximum speed capability
Typical fitment for sport sedans, coupes & sports cars

Tire speed rating for passenger vehicle - V indicator

Speed Rating L

Example shown in diagram:
75 mph, maximum speed capability
Typical fitment for off-road and light truck tires

Speed Rating for light truck tires - speed rating l

Speed Rating Chart

Tire Speed Rating Chart

Disclaimer: This article is intended to help consumers of tires understand speed rating. Therefore, please refer to the manufacturer's specifications for the information about your specific tires. This article is for instructional purposes only.

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