Product Number: 157069622

$144.50(per tire)
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An Original Equipment tire designed for pickup trucks, crossovers and SUVs. Excellent wet traction and a long tread life to help keep drivers going stronger longer.

Fuel Efficiency: Enhanced fuel efficiency provided by an innovative, lower rolling resistance tread compound.

All-Season Traction: Wide circumferential grooves and full-depth sipes help provide all-season traction and confident grip on wet, dry and snowy roads.

Quiet Ride: The optimized tread pattern helps provide a quiet ride on the highway.

Long Lasting Tread: An enhanced tread design helps provide long tread life.

Stylish Appearance: The sidewall design and tread pattern projects a rugged appearance.

Tire Specifications

Measured Rim Width 7.5
Approved Rim Width 7.0-9.0
Revolution per Mile 695.0
Overall Diameter 30.1
Max Inflation (PSI) 51.0
Product # 157069622
Tread Depth 11/32
UTQG 680/A/B
Load Index 110.0
Max Load (lbs) 2337.0
Load Range SL
Speed Rating T


12 months or first 2/32” treadwear


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